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JUKEM Hospitality look at factors such as the business concept, target market, financial requirement and existing experience within the company when forming a tailor-made growth strategy for its clients.

It is crucial to have a robust growth strategy from day one as an effective strategy plan takes risks, time, finance and other vital components into account for businesses.


The team at JUKEM consists of experts with experience in the banking and corporate finance industry. Having  vast experience from senior positions with international banks, private equity houses, venture capital funds   and global consultancy, we can help you overcome complex challenges and increase your chances of finding the funding needed for growth by way of introduction to these stakeholders.


No hospitality operation should be without a cohesive sales and marketing plan that details all elements of how the business and its services are promoted.

We cover all aspects of sales, marketing and branding from pre-opening to launching of new restaurants, promoting new concepts, to raising the profile of specific individuals such as chefs and mixologists.

Through strategic planning, creativity and a strong PR plan, we devise tailor-made campaigns and deliver them across multiple channels.

We will create a 360 plan for your brand incorporating sales, marketing, digital, PR and social media from local business strategies, corporate and private events to retaining programmes such as exclusive memberships.

This will enable the business to increase awareness in the market place and exposure to a wider audience


At JUKEM we can look after all aspects of Human Resources for you to help you attract and more importantly retain the right talent. After all, a company is only as good as its best employees. Our HR team can advise on everything from hiring to onboarding, induction, and training, bespoke or template documents, Health and Safety, statutory leave and if required, an overall audit of a company's current HR function.  

Let us take the stress out of finding the right people for your business, onboarding them by completing all background checks, verifying authenticity of documents, and applying for and following up on visas. When it comes to employment contracts and offer letters, we have templates ready for your company to use or can write something more bespoke should you require it. We will take care of all employees from full-time through to those on zero-hour contracts and interns. 


We will work closely with your management teams ensuring they are fully trained and comfortable with all HR processes including devising recruitment plans and writing job descriptions, performance reviews and appraisals, disciplinaries and grievances and being up to date on any new employment legislation rules so the business continues to be fully compliant.  


JUKEM's financial model consists of several sections, including project appraisal, business plans and project budgeting including build costs. Together they represent the financial health of a concept.

In this modern age, proper and sound financial planning should be implemented before any concept is developed or invested in. This brings about a need for financial and business models.

The financial models created by our experts is structured for ease of use.

Crucial variables such as average spend, covers, staff costs and F&B cost are all covered in the financial model we build.


We can help you to keep your business compliant and protect your reputation, giving you peace of mind. From laying the foundation to robust food safety and health & safety, to ongoing training we are here for you. We work with you to draft your personalised food safety and health and safety procedures based on globally recognised principles; assisting you to exercise due diligence when running your business. From setting up your own HACCP Team and train your team to carry out daily task risk assessments, drafting safe systems of work and implementing a vigorous self-audit system to ensure you stay compliant. Our team can assist with responding to food safety complaints and alleged food poisoning allegations and our online training courses help you to meet most of your certification training needs. We are only a call away if you need support.  

We can also introduce you to our partners to carry out specialised services such as fire risk assessments, asbestos surveys and more.  


With our on-site “customer journey” analysis, JUKEM will assess the entire concept. Everything from customer greetings, sequence of service and quality, staff uniform, ambience and décor, operational procedures, HR procedures, menu offering, website and social media and more. 


An essential first step in the process after securing the site, our skills and knowledge of the market helps us to provide you with financial feasibility studies and a market strategy that is thorough and able to provide inside knowledge to ensure full understanding of both the risks and rewards of the project. We have mastered the ins and outs of the market which has been made possible by our direct involvement in managing different hospitality outlets availing us with factual numbers to help in analysing the financial feasibility of outlets and the marketing strategies.

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