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Strategic turnaround of a concept will need to be done as quickly as possible.

JUKEM can completely evaluate your business and service delivery, look at areas that are not working and also those that are, and benchmark it against successful competitors.

This often requires a combination of expertise and knowledge over factors such as strategy, management, operations, marketing and finance to understand what is working and what isn’t.

Together, we will get the job done.


Menus are a vital tool for the profitability of any hospitality operation. Not only does the menu have to talk to the guest, but the selling prices have to be realistic and carefully calculated.

Menus must be the right size, be visually attractive, have a balance throughout, contain well thought out choices and most importantly of all produce the required level of gross profit for the business.

The study and strategies behind menu engineering apply to all types of menu: traditional food menus, wine lists, menu boards and online menus. Menu engineering can be a great way of increasing your concept’s profitability.


To ensure the F&B of a concept stays competitive, it is essential to have a culinary and beverage review.

Gaining an objective outside opinion on the F&B of a concept can be the assurance on the quality of core products that are being sold to customers.

Quality of ingredients, portion sizes, presentation and sequence of service are some of the key factors that we look for when implementing a culinary & beverage review.

Our team will analyse the culinary and beverage menu of the concept in detail, item by item.

The factors we will look into include consumer trends, infrastructure, menu items, quality of ingredients and pricing.


JUKEM can provide a full operational support service suitable for owners that are looking for someone to diligently oversee their venues. We will look after all aspects of operations including front and back of house duties, financial accounting, marketing & PR, HR and everything in between.  


Our clients can rest assured that with JUKEM’s team of experts including our Co-Founders, Executive Chef and Heads of Marketing, Finance and Business Development, they will be in good hands. With 35 years of combined experience we will ensure your business is operating at maximum efficiency thereby increasing revenue.


We can enable purposeful transformation of your hospitality business from the inside out. Ultimately, we can  deliver specialised high performance strategies and create impactful opportunities for your business that enables you to achieve the best possible results and in turn memorable guest experiences. Our service methodologies and strategies will be bespoke to the specific requirements of your business and include: 


  • Competitive market assessment

  • Review of operating standards, guest experience and customer journey strategies

  • Optimising performance and return on investment

  • Analysis of commercial strategy

  • Assessment and monitoring of annual operating budgets

  • Performance reviews

  • Capital expenditure planning

  • Optimisation of asset value

  • HR services including Leadership team selection

  • Colleague engagement and L&D strategies

  • Health and Safety


The greatest asset in the hospitality industry are our people.

At JUKEM, we are a team with vast experience in the industry and understand the importance of having the right people in the right roles.

We are partnered up with several recruitment professionals in the hospitality industry, and with the combined database of these professionals, we are able to recruit the right people.

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